We offer a range of courses for all people eager to learn British Sign Language. Rather it be just out of interest and curiosity, or because you want to get a qualification, our different options allow you to choose what suits you best. We are aware of the pricey cost of BSL qualifications, that it why we offer the lowest possible price. Our goal is for people to become deaf-aware; and we give you the opportunity of doing so by enrolling in one of our classes.


HALF-DAY Introduction to British Sign Language

With our Introductory course in British Sign Language, we offer individuals a insight into deaf culture and British Language. For two-hours, you will be immersed with other BSL beginners into discovering more about BSL. This option is perfect if you are not sure you want to commit to a longer course yet, until you know what it is all about.

We also offer bespoke courses for team-building and business purposes.


LEVEL 1 Qualification in British Sign Language (30-weeks)

This qualification is designed for learners to gain basic skills in production and reception of BSL. At the end of the course, you will be able to communicate with Deaf people on a range of topics using everyday language.

This course is suitable for those who :

  • want to learn basic language skills to communicate simple conversations with Deaf people
  • want to learn new language skills as part of a programme of study
  • want to progress to more advanced study and/or employment using BSL in the future
  • are studying for personal development
  • are parents, family, friends or colleagues of Deaf people.


Dates : Every Tuesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Starting : 09th January 2018



LEVEL 2 Qualification in British Sign Language (30-weeks)

This qualification is designed for learners to communicate on various topics of real life, routine and daily experiences; and have more in-depth conversations. The learner will also have a good enough understanding BSL grammar to cope with unfamiliar topics.

This course is suitable for those who :

  • wish to achieve language skills at an intermediate level to improve communication with Deaf people
  • are Deaf and wish to gain a qualification in their native language
  • are family, friends and colleagues of Deaf people
  • want to progress from Level 1 study in BSL, and who may want to progress to more advanced levels of study in BSL at a later date
  • are studying for personal development.


Dates : Every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Starting : 10th January 2018



Please contact us for more information about our courses and to book your space.

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