We committed to provide the most suitable and fitted programs, that make the parents and the children comfortable with the team, as well as with the other members of the community. During our sessions, brothers, sisters and friends, regardless of their hearing ability, are able to enjoy activities together and compete with each other, without hearing to be an issue. Our activities are conceived so that the children build confidence and go beyond the so-called limits that they would have encountered in some other environments that don’t take their needs in consideration.

As parents look on they are able to get to know each other, share their own experiences and provide an informal support network for each other.

Our team of specialist teachers knows how to get the best out of the children, and knows how to communicate according to their special needs.

Our swimming sessions



At our swimming sessions, the children visibly grow in confidence in the water. We have 6 different levels of swimming classes and the format of the activities means that the children can follow instructions and develop their skills, without hearing being an issue.




meaka-bears-football sessionsOur football sessions


We hold our football sessions on Sunday afternoons in Dulwich. We place children into age-appropriate teams and allow them to play and enjoy the game of football, with the focus on expression on the pitch and enjoyment.





Our British Sign Language Classesmeaka-bears-sign-language

Our BSL Classes are the perfect tool for deaf and non-deaf members of a family to learn to communicate together.

We also have classes for professionals and key workers who interact with deaf people that are designed for health professionals, teachers and other key workers, to expose them to basic sign language.

Our 30-weeks-long-programs are followed by a BSL certification exam, that the students are prepared throughout the course.



Meaka Bears
Meaka Bears
Meaka Bears