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Andre was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica; and earned his degree in IT from Northern Caribbean University.

He has lived in London for the last 15 years, where he worked in the fitness industry and has a Level 2 football coach. He also won the inclusion partner of the year from the London Football association for his work in deaf inclusive football, and is a qualified British Sign Language user.

Andre is committed to the deaf culture and the deaf community’s cause, which started when he encountered barriers his daughter would face compared to her hearing counterparts. Andre visions to bring the work of MEAKA BEARS to the deaf community in Jamaica, the Caribbean and Africa.

Andre sits on the inclusion board of the London Football association, as well as the disabilities board of Southwark and Lambeth councils.

As part of his social commitments, Andre also launched the MEAKA BITES café, providing apprenticeships for NEETS (not in employment or education training young people); where the young people get business training and mentoring. The café combines both healthy lifestyle and social commitment, by going out and feeding homeless people in Lewisham and surroundings areas.


Andre keeps developing his ideas and getting involved in making the world more deaf-aware, and helping the people in need.

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