MEAKA BEARS Deaf Support is a social enterprise, that provides extra-curricular activities for deaf children and their siblings. On a more global scale, Meaka Bears aims to making the world more deaf-aware and create a more deaf-friendly environment.

dscf2504-1The idea behind Meaka Bears came from Andre Ferguson, when his daughter, “Meaka”, lost her hearing at the age of one. From that day, he committed himself to build for his daughter, what every parent would want to find for their own children.


“That evening driving her home and calling out to hear without any response to my voice, I knew at that point that she was deaf. About two minutes later she turned, looked at me and gave me the biggest smile, totally oblivious that I have been calling out to her. That was the longest drive and my heart shattered into million tiny pieces.”



When looking for activities and structures for his daughter, Andre realized quite early, that he might have to create himself what he couldn’t find to provide the best for his daughter and children like her. MEAKA BEARS Deaf Support was born.

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Meaka Bears
Meaka Bears
Meaka Bears